Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of KEMP TYRŠOVO KOUPALIŠTĚ


a) Operator Jashin s.r.o., with registered office at Masná 231/8, 602 00 Brno, ID No. 02973821. •

  • the client - as a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as the "client") These conditions apply generally to all visitors of the camp.


  • Reservations for accommodation and other services and confirmation of these reservations by the camp can only be made through the web booking system at www.tyrsak.cz.
  • The reservation is deemed valid and binding if the campsite confirms receiving the payment by email.
  • If the Guest fails to pay the price for the booked accommodation, the campsite may not provide the accommodation and services.
  • Details provided on the booking confirmation are binding for both parties.
  • Reservations for tents and caravans are not accepted. PRICES AND PAYMENT CONDITIONS:
  • The price is for one cabin per night. The minimum number of nights is two.
  • The price includes 10% VAT
  • Local fee of 20 CZK per person/night, car fee, dog fee, bed linen fee and energy fee is not included in the accommodation price. These fees are to be paid by the guest at the reception of the camp.
  • Local fee of 20 CZK per person/night, car fee, dog fee, bed linen fee and energy fee is not
  • included in the accommodation price. These fees are to be paid by the guest at the reception of the camp.
  •  Accommodation can be paid in cash or by card, we accept the CZK currency.
  • In the case of payment by bank transfer, the accommodation provider reserves the right to issue an advance invoice, due 14 days, but no later than 7 days before the stay.
  • Cancellation of a confirmed reservation can also only be made in writing (by letter or electronically). See (Cancellation Policy)
  • A change of reservation, i.e. moving the reserved services to another date, is considered a cancellation of the original reservation and is treated in the same way as a cancellation of reservation.
  • In the event of the Guest's non-arrival, the reservation is canceled and the Campsite isentitled to charge the cost of the Guest's entire stay.
  • After inspection of the accommodation facility, the client hands over the keys and pays all fees for the services provided at the reception.


  • The cancellation policy applies to cancellations made between the accommodation customer and the accommodation provider (=operator).
  • The cancellation fee is calculated from the total amount of the order.
  • The cancellation fee represents compensation for damages caused to the accommodation provider.
  • In the event of a stay cancellation for which an advance payment has already been made and according to the cancellation policy the amount of the advance payment exceeds the cancellation fee, the accommodation provider is obliged to refund the amount exceeding the cancellation fee to the client..
  • In the event of premature termination or interruption of the stay without the fault of the accommodation provider, the accommodation provider shall not be obliged to return the paid price of the stay or its proportional amount to the client.


  • The accommodation provider agrees not to charge cancellation fees in the event of cancellation up to 31 days prior to arrival.
  • Cancellations made 30 - 8 days prior to arrival will be charged 50% of the total price of the stay as a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made 7 days or less prior to arrival or on the day of arrival will be charged 100% of the total price of the stay as a cancellation fee.
  • If the length of stay is shortened, the same cancellation policy applies.
  • The cancellation fee is a contractual penalty.
  • This cancellation policy applies to both individual guests and group bookings.


  • The guest is obliged to fill in the Order completely and truthfully, any enclosed formsnecessary for the provision of accommodation and services and to present the necessarydocuments to identify the client and traveling companions (valid ID card, valid passport) and, if necessary, without undue delay to report any changes to these details.
  • The guest is obliged to notify the accommodation provider if foreign nationals are present.
  • The guest has the right to use the reserved areas and their facilities, as well as the facilities of the common areas.
  • The Guest has the right to complain about faulty or poor quality accommodation or services provided and their settlement in accordance with these GTC.

  • The guest is responsible for any damage caused to the cabin or its immediate vicinity during their stay and agrees to pay for any repairs, replacements or special cleaning. The amount of reimbursement will be determined by the camp.
  • Guests are obliged to complain about any defects or shortcomings during their stay at thecamp so that a remedy can be arranged.

  • The Guest may withdraw from the contract on the basis of the cancellation policy or if thecamp has failed to provide the Guest with the services agreed in advance and in accordance with the camp's standard.

  • Check-in time is from 14:00 on the day of arrival.

  • Check-out time is by 10:00 on the day of departure.

  • Between 22:00 and 6:00 is the night time. Behaviour that leads to disturbance of other guests during night time is strictly prohibited (this includes loud music, television, shouting in  cabins, rooms, tents or caravans, and other disruptive behaviour). In the event of a serious  breach of the night-time peace, the camp operator is entitled to call the police.

  • During the stay, the Guest is responsible for the inventory provided.


  • The camp is obliged to provide accommodation for the Guest on the basis of pre-agreeservices that correspond to the camp's standard.
  • In the event that the camp cannot accommodate the Guest for operational reasons on the basis of a previously made and confirmed reservation, the camp is obliged to arrange adequate accommodation for the Guest in another cabin/facility.
  • If the accommodation provider reasonably suspects that the client is using the property in violation of the accommodation provider's rules and regulations or in violation of public order, the accommodation provider is entitled to enter the property and inspect its use.


  • Smoking is not allowed inside the cabins, in the rooms, in the reception area and in the common areas (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).
  • The campsite is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings of all guests andday visitors.
  • Motor vehicles, or even bicycles, may only drive through the campsite on designated roads.
  • The maximum speed limit in the entire camping area is 20 km/h. Visitors must drive at no more than this speed in order to avoid kicking up dust on unpaved roads, endangering the surroundings and disturbing the peace and quiet of campers. Unreasonable driving and the use of light and sound signals is not permitted. Arbitrarily leaving the engine running is also not


  • The movement and stay of pets within the camp is governed by generally applicable regulations.

  • It is possible to accept citizens for accommodation up to the capacity of the premises according to the individual accommodation facilities.

  • If the guest is accepted for accommodation, the operator will issue the guest with the keysand, if arriving by their own motor vehicle, a parking card.

  • The loss or theft of a cabin key must be reported immediately to the camp reception.
  • The card must be visibly displayed. Upon departure, the guest must return all issued cards to the camp reception.
  • In the area of the camp, conditions are created for connecting own accommodation facilities
    to the power supply.
  • Any tampering with switchboards or other wiring is strictly prohibited. Any damage causedby non-compliance with this restriction will be charged to the user of the electrical connection.

  • The user of his own accommodation facility, connected to the power supply, must not allow the connection of other consumers from his facility.

  • It is forbidden to place your own accommodation facilities outside the designated areas. It isalso forbidden to dig drainage ditches around the tents. After vacating the area, the site is to be cleaned and restored to its original condition. In the event of damage to the site (e.g. cartracks, etc.), the user must restore the site to its original condition.

  • Visiting guests may stay on the campsite until 22.00.

  • In the event of a change of guests in the accommodation facility, the consent of the owner of the accommodation facility is required.

  • Staying at the Autocamp have free access to the pond area. Swimming and other  ctivities are solely at the own risk of the guests.

  •  Guests requesting an extension of their stay will not be entitled to accommodation in the same facility for operational reasons.

  • Use of facilities and staying in the campsite is not allowed for people who are affected by infectious diseases or parasites.

  • All guests are obliged to maintain cleanliness and order, to respect public facilities and toobserve generally applicable safety regulations. Any damage caused by a person to the property of the operator or to the property of fellow residents is the responsibility of the person according to the applicable legislation.

  • The guest is obliged to place garbage of all kinds in the designated places and containers.

  • It is necessary to maintain peace on the premises during the day and not to disturb fellow guests by excessive shouting, noisy singing, amplification of reproduction equipment, unreasonable passing of motor vehicles, etc.

  • Overnight stays of family members and other persons not registered for the stay are prohibited in all accommodation facilities.

  • When leaving and re-entering the campsite, each Guest is obliged to show a valid identification tape, and in the case of a motor vehicle, a parking card, which must be kept in a visible place inside the vehicle.

  • Complaints and any suggestions for improving the services of this facility are received by
    the camp receptionist or his/her supervisor.

  •  During the stay and use of other facilities in the campsite area, all visitors are obliged to
    obey the operating rules and follow the orders and instructions of those who ensure the
    operation of the facility.


  • The camp collects the Guest's personal data only for the time necessary until the end of theprovision of the agreed services and does not provide this data to other persons.

  • These GTC, within the meaning of § 1751 et seq. of the Civil Code, regulate the procedure
    for concluding, constitute the content and are an integral part of the accommodation contract
    concluded between the client and the accommodation provider.

  • These GTC may be amended and changed in full and without limitation by the
    accommodation provider in electronic form. In the event of such a change, the new version of
    the GTC will be placed on the website of the accommodation provider www.tyrsak.cz. The
    amendment to these GTC shall become effective upon publication.

  • If any particular provision of these GTC shall be found to be invalid, it shall be fully
    severable from the other provisions of these GTC and such invalidity shall not affect the
    validity and enforceability of any other provisions of these GTC.

  •  In other matters not covered by these GTC, the client and the accommodation provider
    undertake to comply with the laws of the Czech Republic, good manners and customs in the
    field of providing accommodation services and to resolve any disputes preferably amicably.

  • These terms and conditions are valid from 1.3.2023 and the campsite reserves the right to
    change them and the Guest is obliged to abide by these current terms and conditions.